Friday, December 2, 2016

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

With winter break quickly approaching, we are busy, busy, busy! With that being said, please make sure students are studying class notes and multiplication facts each night.  This will help make preparing for any tests or quizzes much easier.  Below are the tests/quizzes students will take next week.

Math: Multiplying a 1 digit number by 2, 3, or 4 digit number using the standard algorithm, partial products, or the area model method.  Students should also be studying their 8 multiplication facts. A timed test will also be given. - Test Date: Thursday, December 8th 

Social Studies:  We have been studying the Triangular Trade and Slavery in the Colonies.  Students will begin working on a small in class project where they will have to demonstrate their understanding of the Triangular Trade.  Project Due Date: Wednesday, December 7th

Science:  Planets Quiz.  Wednesday, December 7th

Reading:  We have been studying text features.  Examples of text features include: table of contents, illustrations, maps, diagrams, captions, bold words, etc.  Test Date: Tuesday, December 6th