Friday, December 16, 2016

A Peek at the Week After the Break

When we return from the break, we will be busy, busy, busy!  He is an overview of what we will be learning and any upcoming tests/quizzes.

Math:  Students will be learning to multiply a two digit by two digit number.  As always, students will also solve word problems involving multiplication.  Some will be one step problems, while others will require multiple steps.  We will continue our timed multiplication quizzes.  We are up to the 8 facts.  Please make sure students are spending some time studying their 0-8 facts some over the break.  Just 10 minutes a day will be great!  

Quiz: January 5th: 0-8 timed multiplication quiz

Writing:  Students will begin writing information text.  We will begin by narrowing the focus and then writing an effective topic sentence.

Science:  We will continue our student of the seasons. At this point students should be able to explain what causes night and day.

Quiz: January 5th: Day & Night/Seasons Test

Social Studies:  We have completed our study on the French and Indian War.  Students will now begin to explain the major and political factors leading up to the American Revolution.   

Quiz: January 4th: Triangular Trade & French and Indian War