Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Mentor Sentence Prep at Home

This week we began working with a new mentor sentence.  Students will be tested on this sentence on Friday.  Each day students are to complete all of their mentor sentence work in their grammar journals. This should be very easy to do as I write everything down for them as we go over the sentence each day. 

I have noticed that students are not adding to their work by copying what I have included for them from the board during our discussions.  For example, Monday was Invitation to Notice. Students were to write down everything thing they noticed about the sentence.  We then discussed this as a class and I added all of the things they were to notice on the board.  If students didn't have what we discussed they were to add it to their list.  Several students did not do this.  Another example... Tuesday was Invitation to Notice Parts of Speech.  Students were to copy the sentence in their journal, skipping lines, and then label as many parts of speech as they could.  Once they completed this, we went through each word and labeled the parts of speech.  I noticed that some of the students did not do this.  

It is very important that students are following along and adding to their work as we discuss it in class.  Their journals are to be used as a study tool for the mentor sentence test and it will be very hard for students to study with incomplete information.  Please help me by checking to make sure your child's mentor sentence work is complete each day!