Friday, January 20, 2017

A Peek at the Week

Math:  Division - Students will divide a one digit divisor into a three digit dividend.  Please make sure students are practicing this at home along with their multiplication facts.  Students will not be able to divide if they do not know the facts!  We will also begin looking at geometry.  This is basically a review from last year.

Science - Shadows - We will finish up our study on the moon phases.  Students will be completing a phases of the moon video using Ipads.  Be on the look out for these videos to be posted to our blog!  I am hoping for sunny days next week as we will move into shadows.  Moon Quiz - Tuesday, January 24th. 

Social Studies - Causes of the Revolutionary War - The focus this week will be on the major battles.

Reading - We will continue reading Toliver's Secret.  Students will examine the point of view.  There will also be a new mentor sentence given to the students.  If you haven't read the blog post on mentor sentences, please be sure to check it out!  There will be a mentor sentence quiz on Friday, January 27th.