Friday, November 11, 2016

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

Science:  Students will have a quiz on severe weather, Tuesday, November 15th.  Students should be studying notes and any videos in their Science Google Classroom. 

We are almost finished with our weather unit of study.  Students will be given study buddies so they can begin preparing for this test. This is a big test, so students should be studying their notes, any presentations, and videos that are in their Science Google Classroom.  The test will be Monday, November 21st.  

Reading:  We have been studying text structures and features. Students will be tested on this Friday, November 18th.  ALERT students will be allowed to come in as soon as they get to school to complete there test before leaving for ALERT.

Math:  There will be a  quiz on area and perimeter Wednesday, November 16th.  Students will also take their 0-6 timed multiplication quiz on Thursday, November 17th.  

Please encourage your child to study everyday!  We will be doing lots of review in class.