Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Types of Clouds Video Presentations

After studying the different types of clouds I wanted students to show off what they learned in a very creative way. Their task was to create a video!  Students were placed in groups and they had to write a script for their video.  After that they practiced their script they recorded their video using a green screen.  I was very impressed with their work.  I can't wait for their next green screen video.  A special thank you to our technology coach, Angela Black, for helping us with this task!

Andrea, Evan, Claire, and Eli - Claire and Eli are camera shy!

Nathan, Tyler, Brett, and Abby

Imani, Jackson, Abigail, and Mitchell

Arianna, Keanu, Nate

Kailey, Gabby, Kendall, and Justin

Don't you think they all did a great job?!  I'm already planning our next video!