Friday, January 20, 2017

Moon Walk

In science we have been studying the phases of the moon.  The students have been very excited to learn all about the moon. Yesterday, the students took a moon walk.  This activity gave students the opportunity to experience all the phases of the moon. As they rotated through eight stations they were able to make observations of the phases.  To help students remember these phases, they had to draw each phase as they went through each station.  I heard lots of "oohs" and "ahhs" from many of the students.  I knew right then they were making connections to what they had already learned in class about the phases of the moon. Below is a picture of what students saw as they took their moon walk.

As students went through each station, they had to record their observations of the moon in their journals. 


After students completed their moon walk, they labeled each phase of the moon.  This was a great experience for the students because it gave them the opportunity to actually see each phase of the moon!  Our next activity will be to create a video showing the phases of the moon using Ipads!

Students will take a quiz on the phases of the moon Tuesday, January 24th.