Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Introducing the Solar System

Today we began our unit of study on the solar system.  We began by watching a Brainpop video on the Solar System.  The students then created a Padlet to show what they learned from the video.  They had to include an image that represented their new learning.
Scroll through the Padlet see all the cool things students learned about the solar system from this short video.

Made with Padlet

Friday, November 11, 2016

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

Science:  Students will have a quiz on severe weather, Tuesday, November 15th.  Students should be studying notes and any videos in their Science Google Classroom. 

We are almost finished with our weather unit of study.  Students will be given study buddies so they can begin preparing for this test. This is a big test, so students should be studying their notes, any presentations, and videos that are in their Science Google Classroom.  The test will be Monday, November 21st.  

Reading:  We have been studying text structures and features. Students will be tested on this Friday, November 18th.  ALERT students will be allowed to come in as soon as they get to school to complete there test before leaving for ALERT.

Math:  There will be a  quiz on area and perimeter Wednesday, November 16th.  Students will also take their 0-6 timed multiplication quiz on Thursday, November 17th.  

Please encourage your child to study everyday!  We will be doing lots of review in class.

Google Classroom Assignments

Please be sure to have students to check all of his/her Google Classroom classes to make sure all assignments are complete.  Most of the assignments are designed to give students practice on those things we are studying in class.  If your child has assignments that are not complete, please encourage him/her to take some time over the weekend to work on them.  This will also help prepare for some of the upcoming tests/quizzes.


Today, ALERT students were given their assignments they missed while they were on their field trip.  These assignments will need to be completed this weekend.  Most of the students began working on their assignments in class today if they had any free time. Below is a list of the assignments they should be working on.

Math: Area & Perimeter worksheet

Reading: Read Middle Colonies article and complete graphic organizer.

Science:  Hurricanes - this can be found in their Science Google Classroom.  This counts as a classwork grade.
Social Studies:  Take notes on New France - Note page should be glued in social studies journal and the New France presentation can be found in the Social Studies Google Classroom.

I have gone over all of these assignments with the students and they should know exactly what to do!  

Green Folders

Inside your child's folder you will find one graded assignment - Columbian Exchange Quiz.  The Fronts & Pressure System quiz has been graded and you can view it in your child's Science Google Classroom.

You will also find an Impact Aid Program Survey.  This is very important!  Please sign and return it in your child's green folder Monday morning.  

Finally, we are inviting all Grandparents to join us for breakfast on November 22nd.  If your child's grandparents will be coming in, please fill out the yellow form and return it as well.

Colonial Day

We are in the process of planning a "Colonial Day" for Tuesday, November 22nd to enhance our study of the Colonial period.  To make this day successful, we will need your help!  If you would like to send in a donation of $1.00 to help us purchase supplies for Colonial crafts, we would greatly appreciate it!  

Our class is responsible for providing the following items for Colonial Day:  

-plates/forks (200) - Mrs. Davis
-small cups (8oz/200 count)
-napkins (200) - Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Wessels, Mrs. McAllister
-2 pies (apple/pumpkin) - Mrs. Robeson
-1 bag of Clementine oranges
I have included the names of those parents who have already volunteered to send in certain items.

As you can see, we are still in need of cups, plates, forks, 1 more pie, and Clementine oranges. You may begin sending in your supplies next week.

**Don't forget students may also dress up like a Colonial child or a Native American!

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered to help with this event!  

Student Council Representatives

Congratulations to Justin Smith and Kailey Mix for selected by their peers to serve as student council representatives for our class!  I know they will represent our class well!  

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Upcoming Tests/Quizzes

Wednesday, November 9th - Students will have a quiz on fronts and pressure systems.  This quiz will come directly from class notes that can be found in students' science journal.  

Thursday, November 10th - There will be a quiz on Columbian Exchange.  This past Friday, students took notes in their social studies interactive journal.  The quiz will come from these notes. ALERT students should have been given their note pages on Friday when they returned from ALERT.  The Columbian Exchange presentation they will need to use to complete the note pages can be found in the Social Studies Google Classroom.

November 17th - Students will take their next timed multiplication quiz.  It will be on 0-6. There are websites posted in the Math Google Classroom students may use to practice.

LCEU Parent University

LCEU is hosting its first Parent University! Sessions will be offered on how to best help your child at home with reading, writing, math, and homework.  This event will be held November 29th.  Click here to learn more about the sessions that are being offered and how you can secure your spot today!

No School - November 8th

Just a reminder - November 8th is Election Day.  No school

LCEU Book Swap

Just in time for Thanksgiving Break! Exchange up to 10 gently used chapter books and select "new" titles.  Drop off now through November 18th at the Media Center.  The Book Swap will be on Monday, November 21st from 12-2:30 pm.

If you have any gently used picture books you no longer read, the media center is collecting those for the R2 Ready to Read program.  Those books will be distributed to young students in the district.  The media center will be collecting picture books all year.  There will be another book swap in May.

Green Folders

This week in your child's green folder you will find information on our upcoming Colonial Day, spirit wear, and graded papers.  Please take a few minutes to look over these items and to go over your child's graded papers with him/her.  Just a reminder...Students took the Explorers test in Google Forms.  You can find your child's grade in his/her Social Studies Google Classroom.  

You will also find a reminder about fall pictures. If you will not be purchasing your child's pictures, don't forget to return them in the green folder.