Thursday, August 25, 2016

Expectations for Turning in Assignments

I have lots of high expectations for the students in my class!  To help them with my expectations for turning in assignments the students participated in a cookie lab! It was a blast!  Here is what we did...

Part 1 - "Filling" in the Blanks:
The students had to twist their cookie apart and lick all of the icing.  The students loved this part! Next, they put the two cookie pieces back together.  We then discussed how the missing icing related to turning in assignments.  Just like students don't want to eat a cookie missing the icing, I explained that I don't want any papers turned in with missing names or answers.  If there is something a student doesn't understand on an assignment he/she can jot me a note on the side. Students should at least try to attempt all questions!


Part 2:
 Condition of Work:
This is the part of the activity that really caught the students' attention. They had to take one part of their cookie and lick it.  I had them to lick it several times.  After they licked and licked and licked their cookie some more, I then told them to give it to their neighbor.  There were lots of, "Ugh, that's nasty Ms. Scriven!" Just the reaction I was hoping to get!!!  We then discussed how their work should always be neat and clean.  I shouldn't find any mystery stains on their work.  Who likes a gross piece of paper?! I also shared that all assignments should be turned in the same condition as it was given.

Part 3: Quality of Work
Finally, the students took their cookie and smashed it in their paper towel with their fist.  There was lots of banging going on!  After about 30 seconds of this, the students opened their paper towel to a smashed and crumbled cookie.  The crumbled cookies lead to our discussion on how all assignments should be quality.  Just like students expect to buy quality cookies that are not smashed and crumbled to pieces, I expect quality assignments to be turned in.  When writing paragraphs there should be 3-5 sentences, all sentences should begin with a capital letter and end with a punctuation mark, and it should always be their personal best.

This cookie experiment was a hit with the class!  I am sure they will always remember my expectations for turning in assignments!